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I’m reading Reboot by Amy Tintera.  It is pretty good so far.  Here are a couple of paragraphs from the book:

” But at the age of twelve, when I woke up in the Dead Room of the hospital 178 minutes after taking three bullets to the chest, I screamed.

I screamed as they branded my wrist with my bar code, my number, and my human name, Wren Connolly.  I screamed as they locked me in a cell, as they escorted me to the shuttle, as they put me in line with the other newly undead former children.  I screamed until I arrived at the Human Advancement and Repopulation  Corporation, or HARC, facility, and they told me screaming meant death.  Acting like I was still a human child meant death.  Disobeying orders meant death.

And then I was silent.”

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt.  Stay tuned for more teasers to come.

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